Remote Online Backup

Encryption Algorithm

The only publicly available encryption approved by the US government

As well as supporting your medical practices IT infrastructure we provide remote online backup.


Secure access with 2-Factor Authentication

Only users with authenticated mobile numbers will be able to access backed-up files.

Ensure backed-up data is safe from hackers.

AES encryption

Encrypted to safeguard classified information

All data is encrypted with industry standard AES encryption algorithm, with a 256 bit key length and CBC mode.

The only publicly available encryption algorithm approved by the US government for securing top secret information.


Protect critical data

Ensuring your data is transmitted securely.

All communications between the Inventise Datacrypt backup agents and the Inventise Datacrypt server is via 256 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) channel using TLS (Transport Layer Security) v1.2 protocol to ensure that your data is transmitted securely.

Data backup

Regular backup of important files

Because of our long history and experience of working with medical practices, we know the correct data to backup.

We won’t miss important folders on you server that your Patient Management Software uses.

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